If everything on your flash drive is shortcuts then you are most likely a victim of the annoying shortcut virus. Any computer that you open these shortcuts on will become infected and will automatically and instantly infect all future flash drives plugged into it. If your flash drive is clean (no shortcuts) then you should take caution upon plugging it into a computer. If you are using a school computer designated for student use, you can completely eliminate the risk of infection by restarting that computer before inserting your flash drive. By restarting it you will get rid of the infectious virus. (This only works on university school computers due to a special program not designed for personal computers)

Follow these steps to remove  Shortcut Virus:

*Note: This only works on flash drives on a non-infected computer

Download the file in the link below

Click here to Download

Copy it to your desktop for later use

Insert infected flash drive

Open the flash drive folder

CAUTION: Do not click any of the shortcuts. This will infect your computer!

Drag the file “ShortcutVirusRemover.bat” on desktop to flash drive folder.

Double click it to run the file, once inside flash drive

CAUTION: Do not click any of the shortcuts.

Press space

Press space

You will notice that all of your original items are visible and the shortcuts are gone

Find the file called “hepzhqhojo” and DELETE it! This is the virus!

Also, delete “ShortcutVirusRemover.bat” to avoid duplicate issues if re-infected.

You’re Done!

** To completely avoid re-infection, restart any school computer that you use before sticking in your flash drive.